Since opening in August 2019, we have hosted the Wentwood 10K event in September 2019 with 200 runners and their supporters. We look forward to hosting the event when it is next able to take place.

We have hosted a variety of events from breakfast parties to children's parties. We are open to suggestions so please call, email or message us on facebook to discuss your requirements.

We are pleased to display a variety of local artist's exhibitions. We have exhibited Martin Briggs' artwork of Wentwood Forest including beautiful silk screens and are currently exhibiting Tara Madge's artwork of the forest. We are in the process of arranging a local art trail.

There is a craft shop on site displaying exquisite pottery and woodwork by the craftsmen at Handmade in the Forest.

In the future we look forward to hosting a number of music and theatre events. More details coming soon...